Our innovation services are targeted at working with what you have and optimizing its value.

Services we offer Why we offer them What can you expect
Optimization In a world of agile delivery, regular new versions of cloud based software, robotics, artificial intelligence and ongoing industry developments regular improvements are required to stay current and/or ahead of the game.

Smart WFM invests in the future of WFM, future of work, technology and industry analysis to provide relevant industry thinking to your initiatives.

  • Vision and roadmap evolution
  • Requirements adjustments
  • Product input
  • Benefits review
  • Architecture updates
  • Recommendations
Benefits Measurement Often WFM programs are implemented, the project teams and disbanded and the associated benefits are forgotten.  Rarely are benefits measured ongoing.

The typical outcome when this occurs is that the existing way of operating remains and/or returns with little to show for the significant investment.  Executive are often dismayed and shareholders are disappointed.

In order to achieve the business outcomes a commitment and process to measure and iteratively improve benefits is required.

  • Benefits review process
  • Benefits tracking
  • Recommendations