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Bill Kutik ‘The Impresario’ | Video 1 of 5

HR shift from 'Technology for HR' to 'Technology for People' | Video 2 of 5

Mindset and Breaking Down the Silos | Video 3 of 5

Smart Talk 6 part video series with Jason Averbook | Overview

Benefits of one IV to the workforce | Video 1 of 6

Components of Digitization | Video 2 of 6

What Blockchain might mean to HR? | Video 3 of 6

Why data and process matters for blockchain? | Video 4 of 6

Smart Talk with Ashik Ahmed | CEO Deputy

T2 Workforce Management Benefits

Ethics, Purpose and the Digital Workforce

Jarrod McGrath: Past, Present, Future

Digital Strategy Underpinned by Data

Importance of Purpose: Smart WFM supporting Indigenous Education

Improving people value, productivity & experience

What does AI mean to WFM?

CWO | Why you need this role?

The Modern Workforce

WFM WTF! Disrupt HR

C Suite Guide to WFM Care Sector

What is WFM and it's impact to HR?

Delivering Workforce Value