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Including interviews with:
Aron Ain, CEO Kronos Inc
Georgegina Poulos, Global Director People T2 (Unilever)
Matthew Michalewicz, AI Futurist (Complexica)

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The Digital Workforce is a how-to book for senior managers, project sponsors and project teams tasked with transforming their workforce in a disruptive, digital era. There are plenty of anecdotes, real-life experiences and examples to help explain the concepts.

The book is written in two parts.

Part I – What is workforce management?

In the first part, three key questions are answered:
1. What is WFM?
2. What does WFM mean for your people and your customers?
3. How does digital and AI impact your workforce?

To help put the answers to these key questions in context there are three fascinating interviews with industry leaders who offer three different perspectives, that of:

  • The vendor: Aron Ain, Global CEO of Kronos Incorporated, provides his perspective on the history of WFM and where it’s heading.
  • The customer: Georgegina (Georgi) Poulos, Global Director People, T2 Tea, speaks about WFM and its benefits to her business. Georgi explains the strategic importance of WFM, how digital has accelerated time-to-value and the importance of storytelling to drive change initiatives related to the adoption of WFM.
  • The futurist: The final interview is with world-leading AI expert Matthew Michalewicz who speaks about the rise of AI technology and its likely impact on people and workforces.




The Digital Workforce

Book Launch - Atlassian Sydney

Part II – The 5-step methodology to smarter workforce management

Having overseen many WFM implementation programs over the years, Jarrod learned that the process of implementation is predictable. So why do so few WFM programs meet their business objectives? He discovered that various business areas, particularly HR and payroll, have differing views on how to achieve value from the workforce; and there is often a lack of pertinent, cohesive information to make an informed business decision and tie this back to the organisation’s objectives. You only get the full picture when you speak to everyone who can influence or contribute to a business outcome: leaders from HR, finance, IT, operations and payroll.

Jarrod also observed that there are many vendor-led implementation methodologies that concentrate on successful implementation of the technology layer, but they don’t focus on the changes required to adopt this successfully into their client’s business. Jarrod developed the Smart WFM 5-Step Methodology from his experience of numerous business implementation programs and wrapped these experiences into a methodology that looks at success through your eyes, as well as the eyes of the business.

Here’s what makes the Smart WFM 5-Step Methodology different from other methodologies on the market. The Smart WFM’s 5-step methodology:

  • is relevant to WFM today, and it includes the impacts of digital and where the workforce of the future is moving.
  • can be used to support any phase of the WFM investment journey, from the beginning – alignment – to the final step – measurement – and everything in between.
  • is designed to be used in conjunction with vendor-led implementation methodologies and industry-recognised project management methodologies such as PMBOK and PRINCE2
  • is based on real-life experiences that represent a 360-degree view of the WFM market.


What others have to say

“Jarrod McGrath and his organisation, Smart WFM, are passionate members of Pledge 1% ( – a global movement that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to integrate giving back into their DNA. I applaud Jarrod for supporting the Cathy Freeman Foundation and the Pledge 1% movement with a portion of the proceeds from his new book The Digital Workforce. The 5-step methodology to smarter workforce management.

Scott Farquhar, Co-founder, Atlassian

“Jarrod is extremely knowledgeable in all things workforce management and yet still craves the new and the unknown to continue to push the boundaries in this area.”

Georgegina Poulos, Global Director People, T2 Tea

“The Digital Workforce is a must-read for anyone looking to capture the value of their workforce from a business impact point of view… This five-step process has become the bible on how to lead any workforce management initiative.”

Jason Averbook, CEO, Leapgen


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