Our Big Game

Smart WFM is dedicated to improving the overall employee experience, increasing productivity and returning value back to the business we work with and advice. Smart WFM has a strong focus on making a positive social contribution to the community. We offer strategic Work Force Management (WFM) services at all stages of the WFM lifecycle and focus on digital technology, user adoption, outcomes & time to value.
“ We must think globally, while acting locally to embrace clients, family, community and the environment. This will allow business to reach new heights, increasing value within the workplace of tomorrow ”   Jarrod McGrath, CEO & Founder, Smart WFM
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what we see

  • Lacking WFM knowledge
  • Product switched on but benefits not realized.
  • Loose coupling to business case.
  • Confused solution design.
  • Business user not considered.
  • Lack of governance to deliver benefits.
  • Digital technologies not understood.
  • Executive & delivery teams don’t know what to do or when to do it enabling success.

what we solve

  • Provision of WFM knowledge through entire lifecycle.
  • Understanding of products, industries, benefits & touch points
  • Connection of WFM, HR & broader business value chain.
  • Augmentation with WFM skills to existing delivery team or filling key roles in your team.
  • Helping you to understand why, when and importance of what has to be completed.

smart wfm services

Our Value

  • End Customers

    Real live experience. Risk Mitigation. Independence. Win-Win. WFM Champion.

  • Consultancy

    Delivery Augmentation. Additional Credibility. Mentoring. Risk Mitigation. Win-Win.

  • Product Supplier – Sales Cycle

    Engage directly with end customer to supply Strategy Services allowing you to sell. Win –Win.

  • Product Supplier – Sales Delivery

    Augmentation. Credibility. Mentoring. Risk Mitigation. Win-Win.