Empowering people globally


We aim to empower people globally

At Smart WFM, we don’t just keep pace with the evolving landscape of HR, WFM, and business optimisation—we lead the charge.

Future focused digitally driven ethos

Our thought leadership is anchored in a future-focused, digitally driven ethos that propels us and our partners to the forefront of innovation.

A culture of continuous exploration

We nurture a culture of continuous exploration, where insights are shared, challenges are embraced, and novel solutions are forged.

A visionary approach that's reshaping the industry

Engage with our thought leadership, and you’re not merely adopting best practices, you’re aligning with a visionary approach that's reshaping the industry.

About us

Founded in 2016 by Jarrod McGrath, an esteemed figure in the Workforce Management (WFM) sector, Smart WFM has established itself as a beacon of expertise in the industry. Our inception as a dedicated UKG solutions provider was just the beginning. Since then, we have expanded our horizons, offering a comprehensive suite of services and technological innovations in the realm of people management.
Revered by our clients and partners alike, Smart WFM is recognised for having the finest professionals in the industry. Our approach to client engagement is often cited as unparalleled, reflecting our commitment to understanding and fulfilling our clients' needs.
Our proven capability and credibility in delivering value-driven results are self-evident. We invite you to connect with us, whether your goals are tactical improvements or overarching strategic transformations. Let's explore together how Smart WFM can enhance value for your organisation.

About Us

Industry experience

Smart WFM boasts extensive industry experience, having successfully delivered over 700 projects across diverse sectors. Our expertise shines in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transport and logistics, construction, and government, among others.
We possess deep knowledge and practical experience in award interpretation requirements, ensuring tailored solutions for each industry's unique needs.
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Our deep UKG experience


Our prowess in UKG solutions is not merely a product of technical knowledge, but a rich tapestry of global proficiency honed over years of navigating complex business challenges.
At Smart WFM, we hold the mastery of translating the robust capabilities of UKG solutions into tangible business outcomes. 
Watch the video to hear from Jarrod McGrath, Founder and CEO of Smart WFM.

Strategic partnering

In the realm of strategic partnering, Smart WFM excels at fostering collaborative success. Our alliances with major consulting firms and vendors are borne out of a mutual aspiration for delivering exemplary results.
As an independent consulting entity, we seamlessly meld with other providers, orchestrating a cooperative engagement that is conducive to achieving shared objectives. Our reputation as a reliable, easy-to-work-with partner underpins the trust and synergy inherent in our collaborations.
The partnerships we forge are more than just transactional engagements; they are a confluence of expertise and shared vision aimed at driving transformation and delivering value beyond expectations.
Strategic parterning

Our global footprint

Smart WFM's global footprint is a testament to our expansive reach and capability to serve diverse project needs across geographical and cultural landscapes.
With a presence in key regions including India, USA, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and the UK, we bring a blend of global insights and local expertise to every project.
Our global reach is more than just a geographical spread; it's a network of seasoned professionals adept at tailoring solutions to meet the distinct requirements of different markets. Leverage our global capacity to not only meet your project needs but to infuse a diverse array of perspectives and expertise that propel your projects towards success, regardless of where your operations are anchored.



Human centric

At the core of Smart WFM's ethos is a profound respect for the individual, resonating with the insightful words of Dr. Seuss.
While we adeptly harness the prowess of cutting-edge technology including AI, our compass is firmly pointed towards empowering the individual. Our human-centric approach is not just a philosophy, but a practice embedded in every solution we craft and every interaction we engage in.
We believe that the true essence of technology is realised when it serves to uplift, empower, and resonate with the human spirit.
Human Centric

Giving back

At Smart WFM, our commitment extends beyond business excellence to embracing social responsibility with a fervent intent. We actively channel support towards initiatives that resonate with our ethos of giving back, contributing to a ripple effect of positive change in the community.
Our support for the Australian Indigenous Education, Pledge 1%, and The Australian Business Book Awards is a manifestation of our dedication to nurturing a culture of philanthropy and social consciousness. Each initiative we support is a step towards creating a meaningful impact, embodying our belief that success is most rewarding when shared and utilized for the greater good.
With Smart WFM, you're not just partnering with a forward-thinking business ally, but a conscientious contributor towards a better, more inclusive society.

Philanthropy Smart WFM

Smart WFM team

UKG Specialists. Trusted by clients and partners across Australia and the globe to deliver people related advisory, implementation, support and optimisation consulting.   


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