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When it comes to UKG, we’re able to offer a wide range of services including end-to-end implementation, technical, advisory and project support.

Smart WFM is the largest independent UKG implementation partner in APAC. Being a specialist digital transformation consultancy, we’re able to offer a wide range of services including advisory, migration, implementation and support.

User experience

  • Smart WFM empowers businesses to surpass traditional operational challenges, enhancing both employee experience and productivity.
  • We provide tailored HR and WFM technology solutions aligned with your organisation's strategic goals and objectives.
  • Our expertise combines technology and human-focused strategies, leading to better interaction, streamlined processes, and better business outcomes.
  • Partner with Smart WFM to create a work environment where productivity and employee satisfaction grow together.
User Experience

Mastering the art of rostering

Say goodbye to Excel based rostering spreadsheets for good!
Leverage AI to prepare best-fit schedules for your employees and use rule-checking and shift coverage functionality to optimise your rostering and forecasting and control your labour costs.
Support your employee’s work-life balance by giving them the ability to select shifts that suit them and nominate their availability preferences.
Master the art of rostering

Time and attendance

  • Let Smart WFM help you accurately track and capture employee hours by enabling your employees to clock in and out of their shifts for start times, end times and meal breaks.
  • By configuring your employee entitlements in UKG (derived from the industry awards or enterprise agreements they are covered by), we can automate the application of those entitlements, according to actual hours worked.
Time and Attendance

Reflect your people excellence in your HRIS

Powerful UKG Ready HCM and HR automation tools can cut out administration time and allow HR to focus on strategic partnering and optimised productivity and performance.
UKG Ready’s HR, talent, payroll and time solutions provide an improved and more personalised employee experience, whilst also delivering efficiency outcomes and increased compliance.
Reflect your people excellence in your HRIS

Compliance is no longer optional

Increase your compliance and reporting confidence by leveraging Smart WFM’s extensive experience of configuring Australian awards and entitlements in UKG, including BOOT testing. We’ve supported many Australian businesses who are subject to enforceable undertakings and we are ready to support your business to navigate the way forward.



Turn Award Interpretation into effective WFM solutions

Get the ROI from your WFM solution

Reduce the risk with fully traceaable decisions

UKG Specialists. Trusted by clients and partners across Australia and the globe to deliver people related advisory, implementation, support and optimisation consulting.   


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