Smart WFM is a consulting company specialising in maximising people experience, productivity and compliance for our clients. Our offerings include strategy, vision, business case creation, operating model design, product configuration and benefits measurement. Learn more about our big game.

Our framework is defined in Smart WFM founder, Jarrod McGrath’s book, “The Digital Workforce” and supported by the Apitome Software Suite.

"We must think globally, while acting locally to embrace clients, family, community and the environment. This will allow business to reach new heights, increasing value within the workplace of tomorrow."

Jarrod McGrath

Jarrod McGrath CEO & Founder, Smart WFM


Service when you need it under SLA with flexible commercial models

The Australian 'Engaging Staff Isn’t Box Ticking'

Engaging your people and acting on their feedback is expected.Our CEO, Jarrod McGrath speaks about how you can use surveys to drive employee engagement, increase productivity, improve culture and attract and retain customers. Article first Published in The Australian, June 22-23, 2019. Read the complete article.

Jarrod McGrath
CEO & Founder, Smart WFM

Good workers don't blame tools, so don't blame software for wage theft

As some of Australia’s largest employers reel from the underpayment scandal that has run riot in recent weeks, some have been quick to blame the software they decided to purchase. Read the complete article.

Jarrod McGrath
CEO & Founder, Smart WFM

Smart WFM launches Service On Demand to help organisations manage workforce during pandemic and beyond

"We’re essentially offering the type of advisory and consultation services traditionally only used by huge companies with enormous budgets, but now as and when businesses need it and in line with the ever-changing environment. For example, organisations can now gain insights by simply adding their business data to our platform and instantly generating financial models that include ROI, cashflow and net present value (NPV) reflecting the changing workforce. Read the press release here.

Jarrod McGrath
CEO & Founder, Smart WFM

The robots are coming: Here’s why you should embrace it, not fight it.

"Businesses don’t understand digital workforce management and how their employees and customers can benefit, and least of all the role new technology such as AI can play." Read the complete interview

Jarrod McGrath
CEO & Founder, Smart WFM

Smart WFM Services

Smart WFM focusses on supporting the customer journey with core capabilities in the following areas:

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  • End Customers

    Real live experience. Risk Mitigation. Independence. Win-Win. WFM Champion.

  • Consultancy

    Delivery Augmentation. Additional Credibility. Mentoring. Risk Mitigation. Win-Win.

  • Product Supplier – Sales Cycle

    Engage directly with end customer to supply Strategy Services allowing you to sell. Win –Win.

  • Product Supplier – Sales Delivery

    Augmentation. Credibility. Mentoring. Risk Mitigation. Win-Win.


Smart WFM has a mandate to have a positive social contribution. We partner with pledge1percent who enable giving via a philosophy of corporate philanthropy.
We dedicate 1% of time, equity & profit to organizations that have special meaning to us.