Smart WFM is a consulting company specialising in maximising people experience, productivity and compliance for our clients. Our offerings include strategy, vision, business case creation, operating model design, product configuration and benefits measurement.  Our framework is defined in Smart WFM founder, Jarrod McGrath’s book, “The Digital Workforce” and supported by the APITM Software Suite.

“ We must think globally, while acting locally to embrace clients, family, community and the environment. This will allow business to reach new heights, increasing value within the workplace of tomorrow ” Jarrod McGrath, CEO & Founder, Smart WFM

The Australian 'Engaging Staff Isn’t Box Ticking'

Engaging your people and acting on their feedback is expected.Our CEO, Jarrod McGrath speaks about how you can use surveys to drive employee engagement, increase productivity, improve culture and attract and retain customers. Article first Published in The Australian, June 22-23, 2019.Read the complete article.

HRM ASIA 'Engagement: Don't let it start and finish with a survey'

"Engagement is not a tick-box, one-time exercise, it must be continued activity that is constantly reviewed and improved upon" stated Jarrod McGrath. Read the complete interview

AHRI '5 steps to implement a digital workforce strategy'

“When you put HR and workforce management together you get greater value. It makes processes more efficient and can help to build and develop a culture within your organisation”, Says Jarrod McGrath Read the complete interview.



  • Lacking WFM knowledge
  • Product switched on but benefits not realized.
  • Loose coupling to business case.
  • Confused solution design.
  • Business user not considered.
  • Lack of governance to deliver benefits.
  • Digital technologies not understood.
  • Executive & delivery teams don’t know what to do or when to do it enabling success.


  • Provision of WFM knowledge through entire lifecycle.
  • Understanding of products, industries, benefits & touch points
  • Connection of WFM, HR & broader business value chain.
  • Augmentation with WFM skills to existing delivery team or filling key roles in your team.
  • Helping you to understand why, when and importance of what has to be completed.

Smart WFM Services


  • End Customers

    Real live experience. Risk Mitigation. Independence. Win-Win. WFM Champion.

  • Consultancy

    Delivery Augmentation. Additional Credibility. Mentoring. Risk Mitigation. Win-Win.

  • Product Supplier – Sales Cycle

    Engage directly with end customer to supply Strategy Services allowing you to sell. Win –Win.

  • Product Supplier – Sales Delivery

    Augmentation. Credibility. Mentoring. Risk Mitigation. Win-Win.


Smart WFM has a mandate to have a positive social contribution. We partner with pledge1percent who enable giving via a philosophy of corporate philanthropy.
We dedicate 1% of time, equity & profit to organizations that have special meaning to us.