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In the past few years, I've worked for some amazing technology companies and people whose talents and knowledge have inspired me and astounded me. People often ask what points do you always consider before you join an organization? I consider questions such as, is there a potential to grow, can I have a lot of impact, and how can the organization I work for create value?

My first job out of university was as a trainee engineer on the 'shop-floor' and this provided valuable life and practical business experiences. In those years, my career was fast tracked as I worked across all departments (IT, quality, production, R&D, tool room and others) and learnt from their respective processes. This grounding gave me exposure to methods such as 6 Sigma, ISO Standards, Quality Circles and Just in Time.

From those early days I’ve always had an interest in improving process which leads to better worker experience and productivity. This sparked my interest to work for a leading WFM supplier who were focused on supplying solutions that enabled businesses to capture data and use it to improve their operations.

This experience grew my desire to further develop my WFM horizons. In a changing world it was important to find a work opportunity which would provide a solid foundation for the future. As I was looking and understanding the changes taking place in WFM with digital technology it was important to focus on business needs and outcomes. When I heard the Smart WFM story which was aligned to my future goals it became a matter of when not if…

I joined Smart WFM for the following main reasons:

  • Great leadership from Smart WFM’s founder, Jarrod McGrath and his deep domain experience,
  • Clear go-to-market strategy and growth plans to become a world leader in strategic WFM advisory,
  • Having a balanced work-life,
  • Providing a real time mentoring and learning environment for its staff, and
  • Positive social contribution via

I am excited about the opportunities that Smart WFM will give to me personally and also to its customers, partners and the community.

I am always happy to connect to see how Smart WFM can help you. or call me on +61488986082.

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