Partnering to empower people globally – UKG SKO

Smart WFM is on the road – as 2022 draws to a close and we look to a digitally enhanced future, we’re taking part in a number of key events with one thing on our mind: partnership.

We don’t only want to empower people across the globe, we’ve designed our business with the right scalability, sustainability, focus on our people, and a networked (POD) operating model to achieve it.

But we also know we can’t achieve that goal alone, and it’s why we rely on a strong partnership model with HR, workforce management (WFM) and human capital management (HCM) consultancies, partners, thought leaders, and more.

This month, we’ll taking part in the Sales Kick Off (SKO) event with our major partner and global HR, payroll, and workforce management leader, UKG.

Our core service offerings are exclusively built around UKG technology. We maintain deep, transparent, and trusted relationships with UKG and stay at the forefront of its technology across all its major product lines.

Most importantly, our partnership has already brought incredible digital transformation success to organisations across the globe and greatly contributed to our people empowerment mission.

UKG’s SKO event brings together its key partners from across the world and we’re proud to stand amongst them. Our message at the event is simple: we are looking for strategic partnership opportunities with businesses that have similar purpose and values to ours.

Smart WFM operates across multiple geographies and continues to expand worldwide. Leveraging our highly developed global POD operating model, we have systems in place to support our global UKG service delivery across pre-sales, sales, service delivery, support, and customer success.

We also have global financial and commercially flexible models which provide full visibility of margin, enable multi-currency operations and have mature and highly accurate budgeting and forecasting. In other words, we have a truly unique operating model that takes the guess work out of global WFM and HR service delivery.

Giving is also built into our business – Smart WFM is built upon a ‘give-back’ philosophy and we concentrate on causes that have long-lasting positive impact on people and society. We give via the Pledge 1% philosophy and will expand our initiatives aligned to local markets. In Australia for example, we support indigenous education and literacy.

If this operating model and a vision to empower people globally speaks to who you are as a person or as a business, talk to our CEO, Founder and Author of The Digital Workforce and upcoming book The Modern CEO – Jarrod McGrath – at UKG SKO this month.

Jarrod McGrath

Author: Jarrod McGrath

My name is Jarrod McGrath and I’ve spent the last 20 years working with organisations around the world to help them better manage their people in the rapidly evolving business landscape that we all find ourselves in. I’m passionate about putting people first in all situations and my writing, speaking and commentary focus on how we can do this through innovative thinking, embracing digital and being brave enough to embrace new operating models. View all posts by Jarrod McGrath