Podcast - Talking HR Technology Conference and The Digital Workforce


In this podcast with David Guazzarotto we speak about the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference and The Digital Workforce

  • we share thoughts on the conference overall and what it means to customers
  • look at the conference from a workforce management perspective and how this links to HR strategy
  • unpack some of the thinking from Jason Averbook and Josh Bersin
  • highlight the overall strength of the APAC Technology market
  • Learn more about my new book coming March 2018, The Digital Workforce




Jarrod McGrath

Author: Jarrod McGrath

My name is Jarrod McGrath and I’ve spent the last 20 years working with organisations around the world to help them better manage their people in the rapidly evolving business landscape that we all find ourselves in. I’m passionate about putting people first in all situations and my writing, speaking and commentary focus on how we can do this through innovative thinking, embracing digital and being brave enough to embrace new operating models. View all posts by Jarrod McGrath