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Rob Scott

Joining from Deloitte, where he was a Principal in the Consulting Human Capital Practice, Scott brings over 30 years’ HCM, human resources (HR), innovation, strategy and advanced technology experience, working directly with businesses and technology leaders including SAP and Oracle. He served as Global Lead for Strategy & Innovation at Presence of IT before Deloitte acquired it, and spent four years on the HR Technology Advisory Board of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI). Rob brings a wealth of experience in opening up this mindset and improving communication and collaboration from the coal face through to the shareholder. We’re confident we can continue to grow and help organisations get real visibility over their entire workforce and HCM tools when they need it most.

Data Integration & Business Intelligence Solutions in Human Resources

“The one thing that the HR world is coming to terms with is that they have to deal with data.” - Rob Scott

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Empathetic Technology

Did you ever think you would see the return of E.T ? - Well this time it's coming to an HR system near you. E.T or Empathetic Technology is...

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Is WFM the new HR?

Back in 2015 I blogged how WFM (Workforce Management) was becoming the new HR (I took some flak from my HR colleagues at the time, but we’ve since...

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The Power of Delay- balancing technology with human behaviour!

We often get caught up in the hype of introducing new technology – and there are many positive features that can make our lives more productive and...

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