Building Customer Success at UKG Aspire

Smart WFM’s road trip is continuing – after an incredibly successful UKG sales kick-off (SKO), we’re excited to take part in UKG Aspire, taking part in Las Vegas from November 6-9.

This event is the global HR, payroll, and workforce management leader’s flagship conference where customers and partners come together for three days of collaboration, learning, and networking. It’s all about empowering excellence, activating possibilities, and unleashing ambition.

Our focus at this milestone event – happening at such a pivotal time of workforce change for people all over the world – is customer success. Through our partnerships with UKG, our customers and industry thought leaders, we want to build customer success by empowering people globally.

Smart WFM is the result of a life-long commitment to creating a platform that inspires people to perform at their best, delivering value together with customers. We invest significantly in our people, and the people industries they service.

We are known across the world for our thought leadership and unique ability to align outcomes to meet customer expectations from the coal face to shareholders and beyond. We continually receive positive recognition from our clients with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, as supported by our industry leading eNPS score of 90/100 – well ahead of the industry average of 40.

We operate across multiple geographies and deliver quality outcomes using our highly developed and proven global POD operating model. We have mature systems and processes to support ‘follow-the-sun’ global service delivery ensuring the highest quality and mitigation of risk. 

But we’re also built on a ‘give back’ philosophy to help with bigger picture causes that matter to our people and our customers, which will have a long-lasting positive impact on the world.

We are always excited to deliver customer success with organizations that have similar purpose and values to ours.

If you’re in Vegas for UKG Aspire or participating online, be sure to drop by our stand 29 or get in touch to learn more about how we can build customer success together.

Jarrod McGrath

Author: Jarrod McGrath

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