What does 2018 have in store from Smart WFM?


Smart WFM is going to be an exciting place to be in 2018.  Here are my top five things to watch out for from Smart WFM.

I am delighted to announce that my new book, The Digital Workforce is now with the publisher and will go to print shortly.  I can’t wait to bring this to the market and shine more light on the benefits that workforce management can bring to your business.  The book is packed full of anecdotes, interviews and insights with some of the most highly respected industry innovators and pioneers in this space, including Jason AverbookAron AinGeorgegina Poulos, and Matthew Michalewicz. Look out in April.

The workforce management life-cycle is predictable so I unpacked this into the Smart WFM Methodology.  The 5 step methodology can be used to help drive value from your workforce management initiatives and will be presented in my new book. I believe this methodology will quickly become the global standard by which to define, implement and measure the success of workforce management initiatives from a customer centric perspective.

One of my key reasons to establish Smart WFM was to give back to an industry that has given so much to me.  The start of this process was the writing of the book and the creation of the Smart WFM Methodology.  The next part of this evolution will be to create a WFM Association  where knowledge can be shared and used to benefit business from a shareholder, employee and client perspective.  Look out for this later in 2018

If you want to be part of a global, innovative digital business that is making real dents in the world of workforce management we want you as part of our team.  If you want to be heard and make a real difference and be part of this Growth check out our latest job postings.

When I established Smart WFM having a greater sense of purpose to why we do what we do was important.  I was impressed by the philosophies that were embedded in the Pledge 1% foundation.  Scott Farquhar expressed a simple vision that really struck a chord with me: Giving should be a part of every company established.  As part of the ongoing Smart WFM commitment to this and with the release of my new book, part of the revenue will be passed on to Pledge 1% and the Cathy Freeman Foundation.  Watch out for some exciting announcements in this space soon.

Special thanks to the staff, clients and partners who have supported us and I look forward to an awesome 2018.  Enjoy the year ahead.  Jarrod

Jarrod McGrath

Author: Jarrod McGrath

Jarrod McGrath is an internationally recognized public speaker, thought leader and author on HCM topics including productivity, efficiency, technology, digital transformation and future trends. Jarrod leads inspiring conversations about the future of work, millennials in the workforce, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking with audiences across the globe. Jarrod is quoted in key media, including CEO magazine and various HR magazines. Jarrod is author of “The Digital Workforce”, a book that documents his experiences and industry war stories from delivering people related programs of work. Jarrod defines a process to deliver these people initiatives through a customer lens with supporting customer, vendor and AI futurist interviews. Find out more at smartwfm.com/digitalworkforce. Jarrod is also Founder and CEO of Smart WFM, a leading service provider in the provision of HCM people related strategy and implementation consulting. Jarrod can be contacted on +61 2 8379 1292 or speaking@smartwfm.com. View all posts by Jarrod McGrath