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SYDNEY, Australia – 19 November, 2020 – Global strategic workforce management and human capital management (HCM) consultancy, Smart WFM, today launched its virtual booth for workforce innovation-focused event UKG Works. Hosted virtually, UKG Works 2020 features education, training, and networking in a fully digital, totally immersive format. The event connects HCM and human resources (HR) leaders to empower workforces in a post-pandemic world.

Smart WFM specialises in digital transformation and is a trusted UKG partner. The company continues to focus on the new world of HCM consulting taking place this year, highlighting how organisations can transform their operating models from the ‘coal face to the shareholder’.

“Digital transformation was mandated overnight as a result of the pandemic, driving the instant need for operational efficiency and people’s wellbeing underpinned by trust,” said Jarrod McGrath, author of The Digital Workforce and CEO of Smart WFM.


“The workforce and workplace are being overhauled as small to medium business, enterprises and government organisations realise there is a disconnect and lack of visibility between their people, processes, technology – and more importantly – realise that the old segmented and siloed way of operating way will no longer suffice to ensure business is sustainable into the future.”

Smart WFM has brought to market flexible and personalised services that were not previously available. The company launched Service On Demand to align HCM and WFM services to business outcomes, recognising the old model was focused on quantity over quality. The new way of consuming services is based on specific laser-focused talent who work across people, process and technology, and are available in real time across the globe to deliver your business goals.

The company has also disrupted the way organisations pay for these services by aligning to outcomes or the task at hand. When McGrath launched Smart WFM five years ago, his business model was predicated on this new way of working and the pandemic has accelerated this outcome-based service model.  

“After delivering hundreds of projects, I saw that organisations could only deliver business outcomes with confidence if they used their own data, and focused beyond technology including people and process to define the business case,” added McGrath. “Hence we launched Apitome software to mitigate risk around successful digital transformation and to enable organisations to transparently adopt and measure outcomes continually as business needs change.”

Throughout the event, Smart WFM – with expertise across all of UKG’s Kronos products and services – will display its vision for the future of HCM and how it has designed and advanced its products and services to address this. This vision is epitomised in McGrath’s book, The Digital Workforce, which will be edited and re-released in 2021, featuring an updated interview with Aron Ain since becoming CEO of UKG.

“We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink and rebuild how we operate our workforces across the globe and deliver measurable confidence from the coal face through to the shareholder,” said McGrath.

“Despite the technology available to us, around 95 per cent of organisations don’t know how to effectively manage their workforces. We need enhanced digitisation, better integration across the organisation and investment in reskilling, training and technologies that align to staff needs and processes to promote workforces that match the digital expectation from people.”


Smart WFM will participate in UKG Works from November 18-19.




About Smart WFM

Smart WFM is a global human capital management (HCM) consultancy specialising in digital transformation. The company’s service offerings include advisory, implementation and support. Smart WFM also offer Service On Demand and the Apitome Software Suite designed to support the HCM customer journey. Smart WFM’s framework is defined in “The Digital Workforce”, a book written by Smart WFM founder and CEO, Jarrod McGrath.


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