Smart WFM expands into Asia with new Singapore Office

Singapore, May 19, 2020: Leading HR workforce management consultancy opens doors in Singapore. Need for remote workforce management across region paramount with WFH policies set to increase following pandemic

Australian-headquartered strategic HR workforce management consultancy, Smart WFM, today expanded its operations to Asia with the opening of a new Singapore office and hiring of local team members.


The expansion follows considerable demand in Asia for workforce management (WFM) and human resources (HR) services and software to help businesses drive productivity and accountability. Similar demand in Australia has seen Smart WFM increase its business and team by almost 500 per cent over the past two years, with the company also recently listed as an approved supplier on the NSW, VIC and QLD government panels.


“Productivity is priority number one in Asia right now as it braces for a hard post-pandemic economic landing,” said Jarrod McGrath, Founder and CEO, Smart WFM.


“Increasing productivity and engagement while maintaining compliance are workforce management issues, regardless of whether that workplace is an office or, as is likely to increase, the remote or home office. Addressing this and developing an ecosystem of better practice, training, technology and – crucially – using that technology in the right way, will be vital tools to stimulate the economy in this new era.”


Smart WFM has already started working with leading local and multinational companies across a variety of industries in Asia.


Services Smart WFM will launch in the region include its Apitome cloud-based software suite, which enables organisations to define ROI and refine WFM processes against a baseline compared with similar organisations. The company will also provide its new On Demand services, which provides WFM services remotely via a secure platform, as COVID-19 restrictions remain in place and beyond.


Work from anywhere to change how workforce is managed


With COVID-19 work-from-home restrictions set to drive more long-term remote working policies, McGrath believes businesses in Australia and Asia need to go back to the drawing board on workforce management:


“Workforce visibility is more essential than ever with businesses set to lose ‘actual’ visibility over their workforces,” added McGrath. “Almost half of businesses are set to keep remote work policies in place after the pandemic, a rise of 30 per cent from before it. Businesses need to think about how they ensure their remote teams have all the tools and processes in place to maximise productivity.”[1]


Smart WFM will continue to pledge 1% of time, profit and equity to organisations which have special meaning to the company, including the Cathy Freeman Foundation.




About Smart WFM

Smart WFM is a global human resources (HR) and workforce management consultancy specialising in empowering people to deliver business outcomes. The company’s service offerings include advisory, implementation and support. Smart WFM also offers the Apitome Software Suite designed to support the HR customer journey. Smart WFM’s framework is defined in “The Digital Workforce”, a book written by Smart WFM founder and CEO, Jarrod McGrath.


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