Smart Talk with Jason Averbook, CEO Leapgen

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Welcome to Smart TALK with leader Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen.  In this series we speak about Digitization, Blockchain and People Value.

We cover off six topics:

  1. Benefits of one IV to the workforce
  2. Components of Digitization
  3. What Blockchain Might Mean To HR?
  4. Why Data And Process Matters For Blockchain?
  5. What Is The People Value Equations?
  6. Strategy And Moving The Industry Forward


Benefits of one IV to the workforce

This is the first in a six part interview series between Jason Averbook and Jarrod Find out in the first interview about #HR being the intravenous to the workforce". Great educational discussion underpinned by simplification and breaking silos.

"Even though there are 184 different disciplines in HR, I want one delivery vehicle to my workforce ... one 'intravenous.' I don't want to have 184 IVs hooked up to my arm. I want the employees to have one experience that meets them in the flow of work, as to how things should get done. That's our job as we create this digital workforce experience."

"If we don't all work together for the greater good thinking about the employee and their experience, then someone's missing out along the way."



Components of Digitization

What are the key components of Digitization? Find out in this Smart Talk with HR though leader Jason Averbook.



What Blockchain Might Mean To HR?

Find out what Blockchain might mean to HR in the latest Smart Talk with Jason Averbook. This concept lends itself well to the individual maintaining their own personal data record granting access to who they choose.



Why Data And Process Matters For Blockchain?

Why data and process matters for blockchain?  Jason Averbook and Jarrod explore this topic in out latest Smart Talk

"Employees will be able to set the availability for work ... if you are a store owner and you are looking for a Barista you can go out to the [public] personal data record and find Baristas that are available for work"

"Data's a dirty job. But as we put it in the hands of the workforce where everyone owns a little tiny bit of it all together, instead of having HR try to own all the data entry and data management and data validation"



What Is The People Value Equation?

In this latest Smart Talk with Jason Averbook we explore the importance of people in this capitalistic society which many of us live and work.

Organisations grow and deliver success following a flow of brand to cash. This is only possible with people (and their brains) driving revenue and innovation within the business. How do we put a value on people? Find out more in this short video.



Strategy And Moving The Industry Forward

Welcome to the last video in a series of SmartTalk with Jason Averbook. Why does Jason see the gap between strategy and execution such a big challenge in the industry? As Jason aptly puts it... His first book was about HR's journey from Now to Next, as these is always a next. In his second book the 'Next' is Digital Workforce Experience. The Digital Workforce is a topic that Jason and myself are incredibly passionate about, especially the importance of having a strategy and roadmap to baseline and measure success. Find out more in our books The Digital Workforce and The Digital Workforce Experience. Both Jason and myself hope you find some immediately usable nuggets of gold in these books to drive your digital strategy through to execution.



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