Smart TALK with Tracy Angwin, CEO Australian Payroll Association

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Welcome to Smart TALK featuring Tracy Angwin, CEO of the Australian Payroll Association.  It this series we speak about what’s happening in ever changing world of Payroll.  We cover off five topics:

  1. 2019 Payroll Benchmark Report
  2. Payroll Automation
  3. Payroll Service Delivery
  4. #FutureofPayroll, and
  5. Skills for the future


2019 Payroll Benchmark Report

In the first Smart TALK Tracy and myself speak about the results of the recent 2019 Payroll Benchmark Survey.  With over 2000 responses in 2019 Tracy speaks about the key common theme being a correlation between the bad news payroll stories and those organisations that invest in the payroll function.



Payroll Automation

In the second Smart TALK Tracy and I explore automation and what this means to the payroll function and more broadly people. We discuss everything from defining automation, looking at impacts to jobs and what progressive organisations are doing with the payroll function to help maximise people value.




Payroll Service Delivery

In our third Smart TALK Tracy speaks about payroll service delivery.  Tracy shares practical views on the effectiveness of insource v outsource of the payroll function across organisations of all sizes.   

The old fashioned way to outsource was with the provision of cheap labour adopting your processes (good or bad).  The newer model of outsourcing is getting more qualified people, being more efficient and providing a higher quality of service and strategic advice.



In the fourth Smart TALK Tracy and myself take a forward looking view into where #payroll is heading.  We speak about on-demand pay and what this means to employers and employees.  The gig worker. Workforce composition.  Employee engagement and retention.  Legalisation. The employee story. Global wallets and more.  Great insights and views as to where the #FutureofPayroll is heading


Welcome to the last #SmartTALK in this series with Tracy Angwin. Jarrod and Tracy explore the highly relevant topic of Skills. There is some great practical advice not only for those in the #payroll function but for those who deal with people in general how changing jobs relate to changing skills. Many years ago a payroll specialist skills were judged by their data entry speed… The ability to enter timesheet data is not so relevant now but the ability to review data and interpret what that means is relevant.


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