Vania Diaz | Why I joined Smart WFM?


Time flies. Over the past thirteen years I have worked, travelled, adventured and studied around the world. I’ve lived in almost every continent and built long-lasting networks with people from different backgrounds and cultures – often very different from my own. Putting people first and building real connections is my passion and is also very important when joining a new organisation and committing to a new role.

Whilst working in the health industry I have had the opportunity to fast-track my career working across many different departments, such as: workforce management (WFM), L&D, HR, quality and compliance. Particularly in WFM, technology and software implementation, I have cultivated my desire to keep learning, lead innovation and integrate value-add tools into organisations with a people-centric approach.

“I enjoy working with people, being able to help in the implementation of innovative processes and procedures that benefits employees and clients – making their lives easier”

I am highly motivated by;

  • “Futuristic rediscovery”; how can we make things better, and;
  • Strategy; how do we achieve this outcome.

And, this is exactly what we do at Smart WFM as a whole package.

I am also inspired by Smart WFM’s:

  • Ambitious and exciting vision to keep expanding globally;
  • Core company values that I directly relate with, and;
  • Positive social contribution via

Currently based in NSW, I am working with an amazing team in the strategic implementation and transformation of processes as well as the maximization of people’s value in companies from the health industry. I look forward to continuing to develop myself personally and professionally together with The Smart WFM Team.