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APITM Software Suite


Smart WFM helps clients future proof their businesses from the perspective of their most important resource - people.

Our products and services empower the workforce, demonstrating value from the coal face through to shareholder return.


Are your processes transparent and legal?
Is HR prepared to help the business evolve and mature in a time of continuous digital advancement?
Do your employees and customers trust your organisation?
Do you have visibility of your people?
Do you get surprises at month end with additional costs or loss of revenue?


7% of organisations worldwide know how to manage their workforce effectively (Ventana Research)

8% of companies believe that their business model will remain economically viable through the age of digitisation (McKinsey)



Introducing the Smart WFM APITM Software Suite.

An out-of-the box suite with modules to align business strategy through to ongoing improvement.

“Turn on” the Business Case module ready to align your data with industry benefits so you know what you are going to get, how much it is going to cost and how to measure the benefits.  





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