What we do

Smart WFM specialises in maximising digital, employee and customer experience for our clients.  Our offerings include strategy, vision, business case creation, operating model design, product configuration and benefits measurement.  Our framework is defined in Smart WFM founder, Jarrod McGrath’s book, “The Digital Workforce” and supported by the Apitome Software Suite.

Our Vision is to empower the workforce now and into the future.

Our mission is to maximise people value, productivity and experience.

  • Make a positive social contribution via pledge1percent.org
  • Enable a greater sense of purpose for our team
  • Make peoples lives better
  • Harness and share knowledge
  • Act with honesty and Integrity
  • Think from a customer perspective
  • Industry Pioneer
  • Easy to work with
  • Consulting Advisory and Implementation
  • Business Focused
  • Product Supplier Independent
  • Built upon experience and reputation
  • Future Thinking
  • Big Picture Focus
  • Simplified Approach
  • Strategic Alignment & Partnering
  • Proven 5 Step Smart WFM Methodology
  • Embracing Digital
  • Data Driven Decisions
  • Measurable Value


For more details see Our Services page: https://www.smartwfm.com/services/

What we do