Smart WFM Methodology

Having had the privilege of working with many organisations on their WFM initiatives, Jarrod McGrath realised the WFM investment process is highly predictable; the same problems occur, over and over. So, he identified a number of key areas of the WFM investment process that, if enacted correctly, will ensure that the investments you make in WFM return the defined business benefits you are seeking. Following this methodology will help develop your workforce, tighten its culture, improve brand loyalty and strengthen alignment to long-term organisational goals.

From his experience he saw many organisations, in particular product suppliers, focus on implementation. While implementation is an important step in the process, it is only one step that your organisation needs to undertake. Hence, the methodology he created – Smart WFM 5-Step Methodology – looks at the entire WFM lifecycle. You can adopt the methodology at any of the five steps, moving back and forth between each step relevant to your business initiative, as depicted by the bi-directional symbol on the diagram.

Top of mind in this methodology – however you enact it – is people.

The 5 Step Methodology to Workforce Digital Transformation

Fig 4-1


Let’s take an overview of the methodology:

Step 1 – Align: Make sure you understand your business strategy; align it to your workforce goals and create a baseline to achieve your WFM outcome.

Step 2 – Prepare: Ensure your business is educated and ready for the transformation journey ahead. This includes confirming alignment between senior management, operations, finance, HR, payroll and IT, and understanding what business impacts will occur.
Step 3 – Implement: Enable your people, processes and technology so your people know what to do and when to do it.

Step 4 – Track: Confirm governance is in place to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and keep your WFM initiative moving along, balancing the inputs from your various business stakeholders.

Step 5 – Measure: Continually review the benefits to ensure you receive optimal value from your WFM initiatives.