Smart Talk with Berend Berendsen, Founder of Widget Brain




Welcome to the next Smart TALK series with Berend Berendsen - the co-founder and brains behind Widget Brain – a specialist AI and Machine learning company. There is a lot of discussion in the world today around these topics and many still struggle to understand what all this means, especially for #HR and People. Berend specialises in developing these technologies not just for organisations but for the technology vendors who leverage AI and Machine Learning.

In this five part Smart TALK we will:

  • Introduce Berend and hear his thoughts on where we are heading with AI
  • How AI impacts performance, happiness and compliance
  • AI in practice and on-going measurement
  • AI and it’s impact on jobs, and
  • 2 x case studies including the new predictive Scheduling laws in the USA



 Introduce Berend and hear his thoughts on where we are heading with AI





How AI impacts performance, happiness and compliance 

Welcome to the second Smart TALK in the series on AI, Machine Learning and it’s impacts on #HR and the workforce. Berend Berendsen explores how AI & Machine Learning impact performance, happiness & compliance.

How do you balance all of these areas together but still keep the human “gut feel” factor in play?



AI in practice and on-going measurement

In this #SmartTALK we explore how #AI and #MachineLearning can balance Performance, Happiness and Compliance. For example making sure there is the right balance of revenue stacked against employee performance. We also explore measurement which is something close to my heart… How do we know we are delivering what the business wants… What is good? How do we compare against others in the industry?

#Data driving to support an optimal business outcome.





AI and it’s impact on jobs

In this Fourth Smart TALK series, we will have a look at Artificial Intelligence and it's impact on jobs. We will talk about the misconception about how AI is going to take over people's jobs. We will also explore AI solutions in HR.





Case Studies: Predictive Scheduling USA Retail & Hospitality 

In this Smart TALK with Berend Berendsen find out how #AI can be applied in practice to improve #performance, #happiness and #compliance. The first example unpacks how a fast food chain adopted the new predictive scheduling rules in the USA… All this while increasing revenue, meeting compliance and keeping team members / customers happy. From a bottom line perspective it resulted in a significant overall drop in wage cost to revenue by 5%






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