Smart Talk with Rob Bromage, CEO IntelliHR



Welcome to the Latest Smart TALK series between Jarrod McGrath and intelliHR (ASX:IHR) founder, Rob Bromage. In this 4 part series they explore people communications, data, automation and the #FutureofHR.


Communications & the Role of HR

In the first Smart TALK they explore how communications have changed since the time of the industrial revolution... Our economy is now networked and built on the basis of teams and personalised experiences. Rob shares his view on how teams will become self organising into the future and how #HR can help to enable this while staying relevant to the #workforce.





Welcome to Smart TALK #2 with Jarrod McGrath and Rob Bromage speaking #DATA. In this Smart TALK Rob shares his thoughts on data and how this relates to people and business. We start by exploring data and who owns it both in and out of business. We conclude by considering how tools now enable the real time collection of data… This connects the workforce in real-time at all levels and enables improved people understanding and people management.




Work and how its changing

In this #SmartTALK Rob Bromage unpacks his thoughts around work… who does it … where can it be done and what can be automated. How do people and business evolve in a time of rapid digitisation to remain relevant?




The Future of HR - Making a difference

Delighted to share this last Smart TALK of the series with Rob Bromage on the future of #HR from a business and employee perspective. Rob has some highly considered insights centred around the community, having a voice and being empowered. In wrapping up Rob shares thoughts on who and how software could be chosen for use in the future by business. Thank you Rob.




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Jarrod McGrath

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