Meet the Smart WFM team

Smart WFM team

Smart WFM operates globally in five countries. We continually strive to become the best version of a diverse and inclusive organisation, celebrating our differences both personally and professionally. Please meet our team.


Meet Balaji Dwaraganath: Integration Consultant

Superpower I’m passionate about learning integration technologies for problem-solving. I have the ability to stay calm, and love providing simple...

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Meet Chloe Rees, Head of Customer Success

Superpower Having spent my whole career working in Human Resources across many industries (up until I moved to Smart WFM!), it’s the type of...

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Meet Dean Scott, Solution Consultant and Healthcare Lead

Superpower I have always enjoyed problem-solving, I have the ability to look at complex problems and find solutions. But a problem solved is only...

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Meet Dani Piot: HCM Consultant

Superpower My superpower lies in forging connections, communication, and building rapport with clients with ease. Driven by a genuine passion for...

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Meet Deon Van Vuuren, Delivery Director: HCM

Superpower So, picture this: I've got this knack for understanding all things Human Resources. It's like a superpower, really. I can dive into the...

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Meet Gee Cose, Principal and Project Manager

Superpower I consider my ability to connect with the team and others, and how I seek and accept feedback on how better to perform as part superpower....

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Meet Geoff Davey, Delivery Director

Superpower I’ve always felt that whatever I’ve done in both my profession and sporting career I’ve always been able to gain a high level of respect...

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Meet Isa Suyom: WFM Consultant

Superpower Throughout my professional IT career, I have worked on several roles within SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). I became a Software...

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Meet Kamran Mujeeb: Integration Consultant

Superpower My distinctive strength lies in adeptly navigating the intricacies of Integration Design and Development with a steadfast commitment to...

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Meet Jarrod McGrath, Founder and CEO

Superpower I always consider myself to be a pioneer in the world of people. From challenging the norm, not doing as others want me to do and most...

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Meet Mark Wu: WFM Consultant

Superpower In every endeavour I undertake, my superpower of unwavering optimism guides me, infusing each step with positivity and determination. I...

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Meet Munna Abdullahi: WFM Consultant

Superpower I'm not one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, I welcome the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and take on new tasks. This...

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Trusted by clients and partners across Australia and the globe to deliver people related implementation, support and optimisation consulting utilising UKG Technology.   


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